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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Swedish Maternity Care: A Tale of Two Cities

Sweden's maternity care system faces contrasting situations this summer.

While some regions struggle with staffing shortages, others have found solutions.

Bharti Singh, a doctor expecting her second child, expresses concern about the ongoing crisis, recalling her challenging experience during her first delivery in 2022. However, in Sundsvall, the situation appears more optimistic.

Erica Hagman, unit manager at the maternity ward, reports sufficient staffing for the summer, thanks to temporary staff and support from nearby Örnsköldsvik.

The closure of Örnsköldsvik's maternity ward has led to increased patient influx in Sundsvall, but the hospital has adapted by increasing staff during peak hours.

Hagman notes that the overall staffing crisis is improving, partly due to region-funded midwifery education programs and improved onboarding processes.