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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Oil Spill Aftermath: Coastal Life and Tourism Resilience

Published: 2024-07-08

Eight months after one of Sweden's worst oil spills, residents along the Blekinge coast are still grappling with its effects.

Marie Eriksson's family, whose animals have grazed on coastal meadows for over a century, now face restricted access due to ongoing oil contamination.

Sanitation worker Andreas Jezek admits uncertainty about remaining oil quantities.

Despite initial concerns, tourism in Sölvesborg has shown resilience.

Campground owner Ola Karlsson reports no decline in visitors, with tourists like Sara Pihl from Halmstad and the Freyling couple from Cologne returning to enjoy the area's beauty.

The government is considering a proposal to ban heavy oil use in Swedish waters, addressing future risks.